Our Team

Meet the 2021 – 2022 team members!

Captain – Benjamin Corbett

Third Year / Civil Engineering 

I am studying civil engineering to make our urban transportation systems safer, more sustainable, more equitable, and more resilient. Smart cities must use technology, not for its own sake, but with a focus on helping people and finding ways to make their lives better. At UBC Smart City, I strive to provide students with meaningful opportunities to navigate complex challenges and develop new innovations. In doing so, I hope to inspire students to question the way our cities are designed and to create better ways of building our cities. 

Energy Team

Energy Lead – Yashi Prakash

First Year / Engineering

If someone mentions the word “sustainable” in a conversation, it’s likely that I am a part of that conversation. I am so excited to use an amalgamation of my expertise in leadership and my passion for environment, economics, energy, and engineering to develop solutions to contribute towards a smarter society. Being a member of the UBC Smart City team will provide broad-spectrum exposure encompassing risks and workflows towards finding solutions for Anthropocene issues while simultaneously being innovative and utilizing technology towards sustainable development. 

Harshit Srivastava 

Master’s Student / Clean Energy Engineering

I am a Mechanical Engineer and currently pursuing a Masters in Clean Energy Engineering. My experience is in the Renewable Energy, Biofuels, Waste Management and Waste to Energy sector. My previous entrepreneurship venture was in the field of waste management for Smart Cities. We developed a modular, containerized, and decentralized product which can process organic Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into electricity, thereby avoiding MSW to be hauled long distances to landfill sites. My passion lies in working on innovative energy related technologies which can help people leave zero or negative carbon footprint on our planet. I am excited to be part of the UBC Smart City team and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and learning from the team members. 

Osbert Yu 

Master’s Student / Civil Engineering

I am a Civil MEng student with a background in chemical and biological engineering, focusing on project management and sustainability. I am always interested in exchanging novel ideas across disciplines. I also like using code to efficiently implement practical solutions in the field of energy, which I am looking forward to doing at Smart City. 

Sujith Shetty   

Master’s Student / Civil Engineering 

In today’s age and time sustainability and reliability are the need of the hour, especially considering Green energy and smart city are the norm. Being a Master’s student in Civil Engineering, the topic of smart city interests me a lot. Having Professional experience of working hands on with renewable energy systems used in Green Building technology, my expertise lies in designing and working on zero energy homes and limiting the energy emission of HVAC systems to reduce the carbon footprint. I am excited to be part of the energy team and pretty much looking to bring my knowledge to the table and looking forward to working on issues to provide real life solutions to make our planet better.   

Peter Kim  

Second Year / Electrical Engineering 

Upon rapidly growing interest in sustainability around every corner of the globe, it is crucial to us, now more than ever, to come together, discuss and debate a better way of habituating the planet. As an electrical engineering student and as a member of the energy team at UBC Smart City, I’m excited to employ my theoretical knowledge of smaller components to a bigger picture under the name of energy and economy. And in that, to come up with a creative yet effective solutions that would further improve one’s city to a level that is unimaginable today! 

Ezekiel Camacho   

First Year / Engineering 

I decided to join UBC Smart City because I wanted to work on projects that combine sustainability principles and engineering knowledge to help shape our cities. As new challenges emerge alongside technological advancements, the rapid growth of urban areas calls for immediate action on minimizing consumption while maximizing efficiency in terms of energy use. I believe that we must collectively take part in this initiative to preserve the abundance of resources that we utilize today. I’m excited to share my ideas, skills, and passion to develop solutions to these challenges and to pave the way for the Smart Cities of tomorrow. 

Transportation Team

Transportation Lead – Aliya Zhang 

Fourth Year / Civil Engineering  

As an aspiring transportation designer, my passions lie at the intersection between socio-economic health, sustainable design strategies, and the built environment. With our growing reliance on technology, it is important to adapt our lifestyles around today’s rapidly advancing technology, starting with the environments we occupy. To me, smart cities represent the civilization of tomorrow. I am excited to explore how technology can be integrated to optimize the quality of like in a city and expand my skill set with the UBC Smart City team! 

Transportation Lead – Josh Broberg 

Second Year / Civil Engineering

As a forward-thinking civil engineering student, I love the idea of seamless data communication between all aspects of a city. Smart transportation solutions promote safe, accessible, sustainable, and efficient commute within the ever-expanding blueprints of urban development. At UBC Smart City, I aspire to incorporate innovative IoT technologies into transportation solutions. We are lucky to live in an era with such incredible opportunities to integrate advanced technologies into everyday life, and I look forward to turning these opportunities into reality with UBC Smart City! 

Transportation Lead – Sijan Poudel 

Third Year / Computer Engineering 

As a tech lead, I will be guiding my team for a 5G initiative project that we will be working on this year. I am originally from Nepal, a developing country which faces many challenges in implementing transportation rules, regulations, and facilities. I am therefore interested in the application of technology including AI to reducing traffic congestion, traffic injuries and managing operating schedules and monitoring systems across different cities. I am positive that together with this team we can brainstorm ideas, learn, and work together to eventually contribute back to our society for better future. 

Kyle Beltran

Third Year / Civil Engineering 

There is a great deal of work to be done to change the course our current climate crisis, and it starts with innovative thinking. As part of this year’s UBC Smart City, I hope to practice ways of formulating creative solutions to address the most relevant issues our cities face, especially the climate crisis. I had an amazing opportunity to work as a project coordinator for the Pitt Meadows Road and Rail Improvements project, where my interest in transportation sparked and I look forward to engaging more in this field with the rest of our incredible team! 

Aidan Shields 

Third Year / Computer Science & Physics 

I am currently a 3rd year student in the Faculty of Science, pursuing a specialization in Combined Honours in Computer Science and Physics. With the recent innovations in the world of technology, I believe that the concept of Smart Cities will quickly progress from fantasy to reality. However, in order to avoid socio, economic, and environmental disaster, lot of thought and work will need to be put in before it is too late. I joined the UBC Smart City team to contribute towards the future of techno-centric metropolises by working on projects with likeminded, driven individuals.  

Nish Manesh 

Fourth Year / Civil Engineering & History

As a current 4th year undergraduate student pursuing a Dual Degree in Applied Science (Civil Engineering) and Arts (History), my wide range of experiences in my academic work and extracurricular engagement with issues relating to the intersection of engineering design and secondary impacts on socioeconomic conditions and the individual lives of people. built environment’s performance. 

Han Cho

Third Year / Computer Engineering

I am a third-year Computer Engineering student, and I would like to design for sustainable environment and safer place for people. I would be happy to input my technological and sustainable engineering understanding as part of Smart City and looking forward to build inclusive and equity-centered city we will be designing through future projects.

David Huang 

Fourth Year / Civil Engineering 

I am 4th year civil engineering student that is interested in transportation and urban development. As we head towards the future, challenges in mobility, energy, and infrastructure will become increasingly prevalent. I am excited to explore solutions that make use of advancements in technology to renew our approach to existing problems.  

Chia-Sheng Lin 

Second Year / Computer Science 

I’m a student from Taiwan who is interested in Web and App development. As a CS student, I hope I can contribute my skills in software and learn about how software technology brings Smart City to reality. I’m excited to explore applications of software to solve existing problems! 

Pranay Dang 

First Year / Engineering 

I’ve grown up in Mumbai, a city of two worlds. One world abounds with scientific and technological innovation and progress and the other world is affected by grass-root issues such as water shortages and electricity cuts. Viewing this diversity in circumstances at such a close range, I have come to believe that infrastructure is an extremely effective way to move society forward through increased resources, facilities, and employment. I love Engineering because according to me, it has the ability to change lives and create positive impact, and that is exactly what UBC Smart City strives to do. I cannot wait to bring my experiences and knowledge to the table to solve real-life problems and to make the world just a little bit better through the power of Infrastructure! 

Sant Sumetpong  

First Year / Engineering 

As someone who was born and raised in a metropolitan area my entire life, understanding the issues that cities face isn’t something new to me. As such, solving these issues in a sustainable manner has high potential to ameliorate the quality of life in the city. One prominent tool used to do this is software. Although still a novice to the world of software, I believe Smart City allows me to present my current technical and soft skills whilst developing them over time. I cannot wait to get started with my new teammates. 

Kevin Cui 

First Year / Engineering 

The purpose of a city, ultimately, is to give people access to a safer, happier life. That immutable definition has and will remain timeless and universal, no matter how cities evolve. Having lived in multiple megacities in North America and Asia, it’s fascinating to see the intuitive ways that countries and cultures differ in their approaches when it comes to city design. However, it also pains me to see that each city is struggling to uphold the timeless purpose a city, some more than others, when faced by the unprecedented urban migration we are seeing today. As an aspiring civil engineer, I am thrilled to be a part of UBC Smart City, where I can contribute towards innovations that will make our future cities better and smarter. 

Abbey Seneres  

Third Year / Civil Engineering 

Ever since I started working with a city myself, I’ve been able to see how the simplest innovations can lead to vast improvements in the transportation network. Though smart solutions have begun to integrate within our cities, I believe that the technology available today still hasn’t been taken advantage of to its fullest potential. With the UBC Smart City team, I hope to innovate and develop even greater and smarter technologies that will become adopted by society.  

Faculty Advisor

The team would like to thank our advisor who makes our work possible by providing consultations on technical and organizational matters. A lot of hard work goes into making a team function, and we are grateful for our advisor’s support.

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering
Dr. Omar Swei